Our Brand Story

Expertly Crafted, Passionately Worn.

Welcome to OAK & HYDE LTD

Born from a passion for premium leather footwear and the beauty of nature.

Our Story

OAK & HYDE LTD was founded in 2015, born from the love and appreciation of fine quality leather and being outside around nature. The brand was created by a humble shoe salesman named Tigger, who had, and still has, a passion for high-quality, well-designed, premium leather footwear, which includes shoes, boots, sandals, and clogs. Inspired by the magnificent boots of the 1990s, comfort, quality, and timeless designs are what define OAK & HYDE LTD as a brand. It was born from the simple brand values of providing comfort and using only high-quality materials, which are then used to make a simple and timeless range of footwear designs that are perfect for everyday casual wear, whether you are out in nature or exploring the city.

Oak and Hyde Leathers Oak and Hyde Leathers

Our Values

Everyone at OAK & HYDE LTD is inspired by the beauty and ruggedness of nature in the countryside, and we understand the need for quality footwear to brave and enjoy these environments. Designed in the United Kingdom and manufactured in Spain and Portugal, our boots are expertly crafted in the workshops of Portugal, a testament to the country's storied tradition of shoemaking. Meanwhile, our stylish sandals are crafted in regions of Spain where the art of sandal-making flourishes.

Oak and Hyde Values

We believe in making quality leather products that are built to last. We do not believe in disposable fashion; the world is not disposable, and we believe it is time to change! In a world quick to embrace disposable fashion, we stand firm in the belief that fashion can be both functional, beautiful, and durable. Handcrafted in Portugal and Spain to the highest standards, we are proud of our products and have the strong belief that sustainability is about making products that will last, which means less product is consumed and disposed of.

Oak and Hyde Production Oak and Hyde Manufacture

Our approach to making shoes breaks away from today's typical fast-fashion footwear production. We blend the precision of modern machinery with the invaluable unmatched expertise of specialist craftsmen and craftswomen; each part of our footwear is handcrafted in some way. Each station at our factories' production line focuses on a specific aspect of shoe manufacturing, from the careful bonding of the outsole to the precise stitching of the upper. These crucial steps are entrusted to highly skilled shoe craftsmen and craftswomen, each a master in shoemaking. Our dedication extends beyond the craft to the very spaces where our shoes come to life. We're proud of the factories we work with; they're not only well-maintained and air-conditioned but also clean and pleasing to the eye with an emphasis on maintaining an exceptional working environment. This reflects our deep respect for the artisans who bring OAK & HYDE LTD shoes to life.

Oak and Hyde Factory

Our Footwear Range

The Crest range, marking our first-ever collection, features classic, timeless designs with distinctive buckle detailing and rugged character. These boots, including the Crest Tall and Crest Demi, boast our premium leather uppers, cushioned insoles, and easy-on zippers, setting a high standard for comfort and durability. This range reflects the brand's commitment to quality, comfort, and enduring style, setting the standard for all our footwear to follow.

Oak and Hyde Boots Oak and Hyde Factory 2

The secret behind the quality that defines OAK & HYDE LTD is the extraordinary leather used in our products, exceptionally soft, breathable, and durable. This premium leather does not lose its qualities over time; rather, it gains character, resulting in boots and sandals that are not only comfortable but also remain stylish over time.

Oak and Hyde

We invite you to experience the comfort, durability, and timeless elegance of our footwear, to walk in shoes that are not just expertly crafted but passionately worn.

Head Office
Unit 13a,
Meadows Works,
Court Street,
BA14 8BR

Telephone: 01225 967229
email: support@oakandhyde.co.uk

Our offices are open Monday-Thursday 9am-4:30pm and 9am-4pm on Friday's.
Our offices are closed over the weekends.

Our company registration number is 15405788.
Our UK VAT number is 461540900.