Step Into Summer: Oak & Hyde's Sandals

Ah, summer—the season of sunburns, melted ice creams, and the relentless quest for the perfect sandal. Whether you're dodging seagulls at the beach, barbecuing like a backyard champ, or traipsing through a new city, your footwear should be as fabulous as your plans!

Ice Creams

Welcome to Oak & Hyde

Enter Oak & Hyde, where sandals are more than just open-toed shoes for showing off your feet—they're a statement, an embodiment of summer. Ahh... the sun is shining, the birds are warbling their morning melodies, and you’re ready to embrace the day. But first, you need sandals that are both swanky and sweat-proof. That’s where Oak & Hyde comes in, with sandals so fine, even your feet will shine.


Imagine yourself on the sun-kissed beach, your hair flowing like a gentle wave in the sea breeze, with Savannah sandals transforming your every step into a graceful glide. These sandals are a symphony of style and comfort—radiant like a summer sunset and as cosy as a warm hug. With two perfectly adjustable straps and a delicate toe post, they caress your feet like they were custom-made by foot fairies. The recycled cork midsole cradles your feet, making it feel like you’re walking on marshmallows instead of scorching sand. And with a feather-light EVA outsole, you’ll be floating through your day effortlessly. The ergonomic leather insole, kissed with natural latex? It’s like a spa day for your feet without the hefty bill or questionable cucumbers.

Savannah Sandals

Malaga Mid

Enter the realm of the Malaga Mid—your exquisite ticket to unparalleled fun and high fashion. Picture a day that starts with an elegant brunch and seamlessly transitions to a twilight garden gathering, all without a shoe swap. The Malaga Mid ensures you radiate charm with its sophisticated design and a mid-height platform that announces, “I’m fabulous, and my feet are too!” With straps that fit better than your favourite skinny jeans and cork that supports like your friend holding your hair back, you’ll dance through the night like there’s no tomorrow. The feather-light EVA outsole promises hours of boogie bliss.

Malaga Mid Sandals

Elche Mid

Slide into the Elche Mid, the sandal that’s as fancy as a five-star dinner but comfier than your PJs. Picture twinkling lights, and your feet, dazzling the crowd. With suede softer than a kitten’s belly, it’s like cradling your feet in gentle whispers. The adjustable straps envelop your feet perfectly, while the recycled cork midsole supports you like the trusty bark of an ancient oak tree. Natural latex cushioning ensures every step feels lighter than a soap bubble in the breeze, all thanks to the EVA outsole.

Elche Mid Sandals


For those who want comfort with a side of pizzazz, meet the Gibraltar closed-toe clog. Perfect for errands, coffee runs, or pretending to be busy while you lounge in style. With suede so soft it practically purrs, and adjustable buckles because your feet deserve options. The recycled cork midsole and ergonomic leather insole give such support, you'll feel like you've hired a personal foot masseuse. And guys, don’t worry—we've got the Sir Gibraltar clog. Ideal for casual strolls or when you need to impress at the country club without trying too hard. These clogs are so comfy and stylish, you might accidentally wear them to bed.

Gibraltar Clogs

Oak & Hyde sandals are your ultimate summer sidekicks. Whether you’re exploring city streets, lounging on sandy shores, or enjoying casual outings, our sandals are perfect for any adventure.

Care Tips

To keep your Oak & Hyde sandals looking as fabulous as the day you bought them, follow these simple care tips:

- Wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.
- Use a suede brush for nubuck or suede uppers.
- Avoid soaking them in water.
- Condition the leather parts and store them in a cool, dry place.

Sandal Care Tips

Closing Words

Not all sandals tell a story. Oak & Hyde sandals are a masterpiece of craftsmanship, woven with the heartbeats of artisans. Handmade in the picturesque landscapes of Spain, each pair boasts luxurious nubuck leather and eco-friendly recycled cork. These elements come together to cradle your feet in a symphony of comfort, support, and enduring quality. Once you slip them on, you might just start planning your outfits around them.